Lawyers in Bismarck

Timothy Lervick

Appellate Practice, Banks and Banking, Commercial Law, Commercial Real Estate, Corporate Law, Health Care, Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations, Probate, Real Estate, Trusts and Estates , Wills, Business Law

Steven Storslee

Insurance Coverage, Mediation, Mediation, Mediation, Personal Injury, Products Liability, Professional Liability Defense, Property Damage Subrogation, Wrongful Death, General Insurance Defense Law

Lawrence Klemin

Arbitration, Asbestos Litigation, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Environmental Law, Insurance Defense, Mediation, Natural Resources, Real Estate Law, Products Liability

Arnold Fleck

Auto Accidents, Contracts, Estate Planning, Estate Planning, Estate Planning, Family Law, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Probate Law, Civil Litigation

Lyle Kirmis

Corporate Law, Insurance, Mineral Law, Personal Injury Litigation, Professional Malpractice Defense, Real Property, Commercial and Construction Litigation

Larry Boschee

Commercial Litigation, Federal Civil Practice, Oil and Gas Law, Personal Injury Defense, Product Liability Defense, Civil Practice

Patrick Ward

Alternative Dispute Resolution, Antitrust, Civil Litigation , Indian Law, Insurance, Labor Law, Government Relations

Christopher Nyhus

Appellate Practice, Bankruptcy Practice, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Estate Planning, Real Estate, Civil Practice

Michael Waller

Dental Malpractice Defense, Health Care, Litigation, Professional Malpractice Defense, Medical Malpractice Defense

Blaine Johnson

Ancillary Probate, Estate Planning, Oil and Gas Law, Probate, Trust Administration, Oil and Gas Title Examination

Karen McBride

Business Law, Civil Litigation , Estate Planning, Family Law, Probate Law, Real Estate, Domestic Relations Law

Brian Bjella

Environmental Law, Government Relations, Mining Law, Oil and Gas Law, Public Utilities Law, Real Property Law

James Cailao

Adoption Law, Child Custody, Divorce, Legal Separation Agreements, Paternity, Visitation Rights, Family Law

Christopher Friez

Commercial Law, Energy, Estate Planning, Government Relations, Probate, Real Property, Oil and Gas Law

Zachary Pelham

Administrative Law, Litigation, Oil and Gas Law, Products Liability, Regulatory Law, Insurance Defense

Gary Wolberg

Employment Law, Environmental Law, Litigation, Oil and Gas Law, Products Liability, Insurance Defense

Kenneth Hedge

Business Law, Commercial Law, Debtor and Creditor, Estate Planning, Real Estate, Natural Resources

Lawrence Dopson

Commercial Litigation, Estate Planning, Oil and Gas Law, Real Estate Law, Natural Resources Law

John Morrison Jr.

Communications Law, Corporate Financing Law, Real Property Law, Utilities Law, Oil and Gas Law

Rachel Bruner-Kaufman

Civil Litigation , Employment Law, Oil and Gas Law, Personal Injury Defense, Education Law

Jonathan Sanstead

Banks and Banking, Business Law, Financial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Commercial Law

Shane Hanson

Commercial Law, Debtor/Creditor Law, Insurance Defense, Real Property, Oil and Gas Law

Joel Gilbertson

Arbitration, Commercial Law, Litigation, Mediation, Government Relations

Brenda Blazer

Health Law, Personal Injury Litigation, Medical Malpractice Defense Law

James Hill P.C.

Professional Malpractice Defense Law, Trial Practice, Civil Litigation