Lawyers in Camden

Martin McKernan Jr.

Charitable Organizations Law, Commercial Real Estate, Constitutional Law, Municipal Corporations Law, Trusts and Estates , Wills, Zoning Law, Zoning Law, Zoning Law, Adoptions

Michael Vassalotti

Commercial Litigation, Complex and Multi-District Litigation, Environmental Law, Products Liability, Class Actions

Francis Monari

Commercial Real Estate, Contracts, Municipal Corporation Law, Residential Real Estate, Zoning Law, Commercial Law

James Godino Jr.

Charitable Organizations Law, Civil Practice, Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Torts, Adoptions

Clare Diemer

Charitable Organizations Law, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Environmental Law, Tort Law, Commercial Law

Michael Wright

Criminal Law, Domestic Relations, Real Estate, Workers Compensation, Civil Litigation

Moultrie Burns Jr.

Collections, Corporate Law, Probate, Real Estate, Estate Planning

Vincent Austin Sheheen

Workers Compensation, Civil Litigation

Robert Sheheen

Probate Law, General Civil Litigation

John Whitworth

Probate, Real Estate, Civil Law

Stephen Smoak

Real Estate, Litigation

William Cox Jr.

Real Estate