Lawyers in New Providence

John McManus

Asset Protection, Charitable Trusts and Foundations, Estate Planning and Administration, Family Limited Partnerships, Family Wealth Transfers, Family Wealth Transfers, Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts, Life Insurance Trusts, Offshore Trusts, Living Trusts

Carolyn Petro

Electrical Intellectual Property, Electronic Intellectual Property, Industrial Models and Designs, Industrial Models and Designs, Industrial Property, Lottery Law, Obstetric Malpractice, Riverboat Gaming Law, Year 2000 Computer Conversion, Habeas Corpus

Heather Sullivan A.P.C.

Business Acquisitions, Civil Litigation , Copyright Infringement, Intellectual Property Licensing, International Patent Prosecution, International Patent Prosecution, International Patents, Patent Litigation, Trademark Licensing, Patent Law

Warren Loder

Bankruptcy Chapter 11, Creditor's Rights, Judicial Review, Museum Law , Accidents, Bankruptcy Litigation, Bankruptcy Mediation, Business Associations Law, Business Development, Business Enterprises

Mr. William Carter III

Bankruptcy Arbitration, Bankruptcy Chapter 11, Bankruptcy Litigation, Bribery, Commercial Bad Faith, Commercial Fraud, Credit Repair, Credit Repair, Credit Repair, Bankruptcy Mediation

Candace Uxbridge

Business Litigation, Covenants Not To Compete, Credit Repair, Patent Protection, Trademark Infringement, Trademarks, Intellectual Property

Bruce Lambden Jr.

Commercial Law, Commercial Real Estate, Labor and Employment, Partnership Dissolution, Professional Liability, Business Litigation

Professor Caroline Cooper

Military Administrative Law, Military Base Closures, Military Base Conversions, Military Law, Personal Injury, Corporate

Scott Smith

Copyrights, Corporate Responsibility, Patent Prosecution, Patents, Trademarks, Intellectual Property

Scott Smith

Copyrights, Corporate Responsibility, Patent Prosecution, Patents, Trademarks, Intellectual Property

Maria Bartell

Cohabitation Agreeme... , Matrimonial Bankrupt... , Name Changes, Spousal Support, Domestic Violence

Jackson Smittick Jr.

Animal Rights , Animal Welfare, Credit Repair, Internet Law, Veterinary Malpractice, Animal Law

Kevin Rosari?

Energy Facility Siting, Indians and Native Populations, Constitutional Law

Ms. Sarah King

Hydroelectricity Licensing, Russia Trade, Accidents

J. Peters

Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Jelson Bonilla

Criminal Conspiracy, Assault and Battery


Judicial Review, Museum Law , Accidents

Alexandra Kendall

Personal Injury, Family Law

Ms. Sarah King

Russia Trade, Accidents

Warren Loder

Museum Law , Accidents

Caroline Cooper

Child Custody, Divorce

JĂy B?utchk?

Academic Employment